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I can imagine wheelchair users are over the moon about this bodge job on Wightman Road.

Or kids on scooters, or me on a skateboard. Can't beleive they've just left it like this. Am I holding my breath hoping they'll come finish it?

The narrowing of the road to fit cars in better is good in theory but it's making it a pretty hellish place to drive down when people realise they can't fit 2 vans going opposite direction at the same time. It seems they chose more cars of any kind of bike lane then?

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Sounds like it could be troublesome, Gordon. But I can’t help wondering if all these little irksomenesses may add up to a deference to using the road..........but that’s probably dreaming. And of course I wouldn’t welcome anything that increases accidents to any sort of road user. 

You are right in theory Hugh on Lausanne exit, so I think the parking must have not been so near the junction before. As in the pic shown of Raleigh. One of the issues is that a van is nearly always parked there so you can’t do anything but pull out to see to the right. Anyway on the plus side - saw tonight they put a traffic cone by the black bollards so someone clearly realised it was a hazard. And now white lines are painted on the road before the bollards too which makes it more visible. Maybe us highlighting the issues on the north ladder roads will make the rethink the others that aren’t done yet. 

Hi Zena,

Thanks  for this. I was wondering if you had received any feedback from the officers in the meantime? As described below one of the build outs has already led to an accident. 

Thanks again for your efforts!!


Wondering how long the bollard on the left between Lausanne and Hampden is going to last. The jutting out bit just starts suddenly and is protected by that but it’s black and you don’t see it till you’re on it and you have to do a sharp angle away from it (even if crawling as it is these days because of the temp traffic lights).  I think the only thing stopping accidents turning out of Lausanne right now with the blind spots is the traffic being slow from the temporary lights. 

Fully agree with the critical assessment. Wightman Road has become more dangerous and traffic is much worse and not just because of the temporary traffic lights. It’s also because of the blind spots and the fact that drivers that want to turn out of the ladder roads have to go into incoming traffic that is slowing traffic sometimes in both lanes. 

I don’t see any reason why those pavements have to reach out so far into the road and why they would allow parking vehicles so close to the corners. 

I hope officials will take all our feedback on board and correct the dangerous hotspots that have now developed along Wightman Road. 

The street has become a lot more hectic and nerve wrecking for everyone.

Enfield gets a protected, safe Dutch-style cycle lane all the way from Enfield town down to the North Circular. Which calms traffic.

We get the likes of this.

Not good enough.

Completely agree. Wish Haringey had the foresight/bravery to do something like the Enfield cycle route. We need to think about the future in Haringey. This is a really poor effort and seems to benefit no one.

This relies on the idea that Haringey *wants* to improve things for cyclists. Five years of riding around the borough leaves me unconvinced that’s the case.

One might argue the Enfield work through Palmers Green is suboptimal (it certainly causes conflict and faster riders stay on the road)... But compared to a half finished cycle lane up the hill to Manor House - and that’s mostly in Hackney! - it’s heaven.

That the best bit of cycle infrastructure in Harringay is 50 yards long on the new bridge on Wightman just about says all you need to know. The last mile from Manor House to The Salisbury is consistently the worst bit of my commute. But you know, the shopkeepers need somewhere to park their Mercs, so.

When other boroughs are making such brilliant changes it's really disheartening to see the state of affairs in Harringay. How can they have done this enormous consultation and made zero provision for cycling infrastructure? It's actually mind boggling. And mind-boggling ill prepared for the future. I want to get on my bike. But I won't because I don't want to have to be 'brave' to make the right choice. 

If traffic has to slow to avoid collisions then that is surely safer and then there is surely no reason to use a motor vehicle. What happened to the climate emergency?

You can tell you don't drive.

Imagine you're headed down Wightman Rd for the first time in a while and then suddenly the bloody pavement is sticking out into the road. Theres temporary traffic lights, fenced off bits etc, and now there is van drivers literally driving straight at you because their side of the road has been changed so the pavement sticks out randomly and now it's too narrow to fit them AND you at the same time. No signs or warning or anything, just a big old granite kerb jutting out.

It's harrowing. Good luck on your pushie. 

John just likes to give that perception, Paul. 

I can’t think of any other example of this road layout, anywhere. Can anyone else?



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