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Below is an image of the pedestrian/cyclist footbridge which is now in place, hanging out over the railway line alongside the foootbridge. Following the cyclist assault incident last week, note the cycle barriers.

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Can you just clarify - is this a pedestrian only footbridge that cyclists aren't supposed to use at all? Are there in effect now two separate bridges; one for pedestrians and the other for cycles?

Cyclists and pedestrians use this but I think because the sign telling cyclists to dismount is "just a sign" they've decided to put barriers in to force them to dismount. Fair enough.

And cyclists are still not dismounting! I had two irritated cyclists on their bikes behind me this morning as I pushed my bike - clearly I was in their way!

Perhaps Network Rail should mount a TV screen showing loops of cyclists getting angry at motorists trying to push past on a narrow, road?

Warham Road from across the lights at Salisbury Road.

Cars are still crossing this junction expecting to use Warham Road and Wightman Road as normal. There are no signs along St Anns Road and no visible signs at this junction to tell drivers otherwise.

There is a sign once you are on Warham Road, see if you can spot it.

I e. mailed Cllr Macnamara last week about this but no response as yet.

These wasted car journeys cause pollution and we are not benefitting from the noise reduction dividend experienced on other ladder rungs.

Did you find the sign? Its on the left side of Warham Road, behind the tree and the blue arrow/ lorry restriction sign, which is really useful.

We need signs on St Anns Road, Salisbury Road and the entrance to Warham Road warning of the restrictions and stating that Warham and Pemberton Roads are access only. (There is a sign to say that there is access to specified house numbers on Wightman Road.)

In case you missed it it is the yellow/ orange sign behind all the others.

Yes, it's a nonsense.

I noticed this today - you can't see the sign behind the tree at all. Whose idiot idea was it to put it up there?

There are some cars still coming up Umfreville on occasion who then have to turn back down Burgoyne. I don't see why they don't put very clear "Access Only - no through route" signs up.

On another point a motorcycle slipped through the barrier between Cavendish and Burgoyne yesterday, but was then thwarted by the closed bridge - I wondered how far he'd managed to come along Wightman.

My understanding is that motorcycles are still allowed to use Wightman Road...

Is it right that motor cyclists are allowed to use the road? It's effectively closed off at Warham to them unless they mount the pavement.

Even when there are clear signs, there are many motorists who don't believe them or choose to ignore them.  They just hope that they will find a way through!

Or make their own way through by pushing them aside.



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