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What is the best smart phone? I need something that can do emails well, be a good phone and do "clever stuff". I think the IPhone does the clever stuff best but is a crap phone. What should I get?

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i got an htc from BT as part of my home phone/broadband package. i have nothing to compare it too, and they do different models, but i am very happy with it. a friend told me they are teh best - but in what context i have no idea. it emails, has Google maps (a type of satnav), internet. you can't buy apps for my model.
I suspect the best phone for you will depend on what you want it to do and how much money you want to spend. Try googling 'smartphone grid' for ideas.
(Via Android from Edinburgh)
From HoL's Facebook page:

Jeremy Green: I'm very happy with HTC Android...

Not the Nokia N900 - it needs recharging more thn once every 24 hours! Also if you look on eBay the N900 now sells for £150 2nd hand versus a new price of £500 - buyers don't like it. The iphone 3gs still makes about £250 - 300 on eBay - buyers do like it. I have just sent my old Nokia N95 to be repaired, its not quite a smartphone but very nearly. I paid £320 for it in 2007 - it would now fetch about £100 if still working, perhpas as much as £70 for parts. I recommend applying the resale value test to whatever phone you consider.

Andrew, whilst it's not perfect I'm a happy iphone 4 user. Bought for, and mainly used as, a work tool, but a good all-rounder. The camera's still not a patch on Nokia phone cameras though.



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