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All the roads North of Frobisher Rd became one way in the summer of 2002, I think.

What about the rest of the ladder?

When were the gardens gated and Salisbury asked to take all their previous traffic?

When did pavement parking start on Wightman and when did they put those traffic island things in?

I think the mess at Sainsburys and the pedestrian lights at Endymion Rd/Green Lanes was November 2007, certainly Hugh was moaning about it/alerting us to it on the 24th.

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Total coincidence but have just been sorting out my very over-crowded filing cabinet and found a letter from one Tony Kennedy dated March 2002 asking for residents views about possible traffic calming measures on the ladder roads. It outlines 3 options: traffic calming only (ie speed humps); one way plus traffic calming; no change. So that would imply the changes weren't made til late 2002 if not later.

I knew there was a reason for never throwing anything away ...
Umfrevile Road has been two-way, one way downhill and then one-way uphill since I've lived here (from 1994), but I'm not sure of the exact dates.
When the one-way was downhill, there was a no right-turn onto Green Lanes, with an island which clogged up the buses completely and was ignored by lots of people, some making ridiculous u-turns over the island itself. It only lasted a few months.
Now it's one way uphill, I have to say that it's much quieter (and I do know that many other roads have suffered.) It's just that as the "bottom" of the ladder, we used to get all the through traffic from Wightman - long queues up the hill in the mornings. Burgoyne, being wider, is better equipped to take this.

I am still angry about the closure of the Gardens - since when did people have the right to live on a "private estate" composed of public roads, with their own key to get in and out? Traffic on Green Lanes has been far worse since then. I understand that someone in the Borough Surveyors office lived (lives?) on Stanhope Gardens at the time it was brought in.
A one way system on Beresford Road was put in place between June and December 2002. I remember because I viewed my flat in June and the road was still two way. I moved in December and it had become one way, top to bottom.

In 2003 I attended a meeting at the Greek church about the new traffic scheme. We were given a piece of paper called "Summary of Traffic Volume Surveys" and it shows the number of cars, HGVs and coaches driving down each ladder road between certain hours of the day. The counting took place 24 June 2003 and 26 June 2003. I am happy to say that I still have that historic piece of paper.
was there any before and after comparison? Please can you scan the page in? it might be useful for further surveys.
There was a survey done 8 mths after humps were installed and according to Tony Kennedy the humps did the job of slowing most traffic down to around 20mph.

Personally I think they've worked very well regards slowing the traffic. Now the problem for those people living next to the humps is that their houses are cracking apart from the impact of heavy vehicles going over said humps.
I am trying to attach scanned item.
Possibly Alison, but it was no later than 2002, it was in place before we went traveling at the end of 2002.

I thought all the measures were done together, probably not?
The "downhill" one-way on Umfreville was one of the earliest measures - I think most of the other roads were still two-way at this point but Umfreville was getting in such a tangle with the pressure of traffic - you had no hope of getting up the road at certain times of day.
I must say that I can't imagine going back to two-way traffic on these narrow roads. The problem is that one-way systems increase the distance you have to cover to get anywhere, and thus presumably overall traffic volumes.
I've sent the council an FOI request:

Hello, I would like to know some things about road changes that have been made around Green Lanes N8/N4.

When was Wightman Rd designated the B138?
When was pavement parking introduced on Wightman Rd?
When was Frobisher Rd made one way?
When was the proposal to make Green Lanes/Grand Parade a red route first mooted and when was it rejected?

When was the 20mph zone implemented for roads north of Frobisher Rd (to Turnpike Lane)?
When was the 20mph zone implemented for roads south of Frobisher Rd (to Endymion Rd)?
When was the phasing for the lights changed at Sainsburys and the pedestrian crossing at Endymion installed?
When were the rising bollards installed in the Harringay Gardens?
That looks like several requests! That will probably land on Tony Kennedy's desk. You could ring him; 84890000. Might be faster. He'll probably give you the information freely.



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