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We are considering a house on whightman but concerned about how busy and noisy it is. 

Any personal experiences?


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I'm always amazed at how peaceful the gardens are. Same goes for the New River Path: it's only a stone's throw away from Wightman, but a haven of nature and tranquility.

Hi - I’m thinking of buying on Wightman Road too. Are the trains really loud to the back of the houses? Is the road really busy? How’s parking? Is it a nice road to live on? Sorry for all the questions, you seem the best person to ask! Thank you x

If I had the choice I wouldn't live opposite a sleeping policeman ( speed bump ). Lorry drivers love taking these as fast as they can and all the junk in the back leaps in the air and lands with a horrendous crash.

Ditto - skip lorries going over at speed in the early morning rattle the foundations...

From someone who is house-hunting at the moment you get a lot for your money (relatively of course) on Wightman.

The properties I saw the road noise was noticeable but not too bad as there's no buses and not much in the way of trucks going along there plus most are going at a constant speed, it was more of a constant background noise. I used to live on Green Lanes and the noise there was much worse.

Hi Brussels1979, my wife and I have lived happily on Wightman Road for the past 36 years until Andrew so graphically convinced me that three-quarters of that time, or 27 years equivalent, has been utter brain-frazzling misery. Clearly, my wife has been gaslighting me into believing that our unbearable noise and particulate polluted micro-environment is really a very pleasant and liveable habitat. Post-graphic enlightenment, there is nothing left for me but to remain here between 12 midnight and 6.00am but to rent a day-cell for the remaining 18 hours in a Mount Athos monastery. I was about to recommend Wightman Road to you with few reservations until Andrew's COVID19-style graphs distracted and unnerved me. Your Wightman enquiry was further waylaid by Anton Pemberton's wish to graph and chart his rung road because he feels that an occasional stray lorry losing its way from Wightman may constitute a "rat run" to Green Lanes & St Anns'. He should rest assured that there is only one rat run, it is ours and we guard it most jealously. Any minor deviation from it is at most a baby mouse crawl. Please don't exaggerate or pretend it is the lives of Pemberton's Reception kids that call for graphs.  Brussels1979, enjoy your move to Wightman Road. Choose the West Side if possible so that, like us, you will benefit from the sandwich effect between road and railway as well as the uninterrupted western view across the tracks.  

To be honest OAE  I  suspect the last seven years has shown a considerable increase in noise for you, but only because we moved in next door with our kids who put any road noise to shame!

I agree with OAE the West side of the road is ideal as you aren’t over looked and depending on where you are you benefit from a longer garden than on the ladder.

The houses on Wightman tend to be a bit more generously proportioned than the ladder. So similar layout but generally larger rooms. And they are cheaper so win/win.

if you have double glazing once you are inside I don’t find the road noise an issue at all, however as noted above I’d be more wary if I was near a speed bump as this might cause more disturbance in particular in early mornings if you are in bed as larger vehicles go past.

The main downside is walking along and across Wightman, esp with young children. But once you are inside or in the garden the road is irrelevant. 

Liz, there is Wightman noise which my increasing deafness renders irrelevant, and then there are the very pleasant sounds of your three daughters enjoying their young lives which, thankfully, I can still hear clearly. 

But let's hope this talk about Chettle Court opposite us being rezoned for new building (??high rise skyscrapers??) remains just talk for years to come. 

Hi, I live on Wightman Rd on the “rail side”. Harringay station end. So I have the train noise and the traffic. I will be honest with you. I hardly hear the trains (the new ones are very quiet) and the traffic now during the reconfigurations has slowed on the road. So on the whole it’s far better now than it was 10 years ago. And with the new electric car push I think road noise will be a thing of the past.

Being on the train side also means you have a far more private garden and it’s a lovely place to have a sun downer especially at this time of year as it’s west facing. And as the sun rises to the East you get a great wake up as the master bedroom is East facing.

I am very happy living here especially as the houses are larger/cheaper and the schools are “good”. 


Hi James - I’m looking at buying right by the station. With the windows open in the summer is it bareable? Can you find peace in the garden with the trains? Thank you! X

I enjoy living here but it is very noisy if you have your windows open. If you're on the non-train track side, it's tough to keep your windows overlooking Wightman Road closed in the summer as the sun blazes through the windows in the afternoon so, without the windows open, it can get very hot. If the windows are open, there is almost constant traffic noise. My living room overlooks Wightman Road and during the summer, I watch my television with subtitles and the sound turned down because, in order to hear it over the traffic noise, you have to have it turned up ridiculously loud. During winter, it is less of an issue. I also imagine it is less of an issue if the rooms you use during the day don't overlook Wightman Road. 

I lived on Wightman Road between 1988 and 1996. I enjoyed living in the area very much. There are good rail station one at one end, the other thirds of the way south. There is traffic noise, but you do not notice it after a while and double glassing greatly reduces the noise.

The main down side is the road restrictions, so having a car may be a bit of a pain, both parking and the one way streets.

There were no speed restrictions or calming measures when I lived there. I could not afford a house in the area, which is why I do not live there any more.



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