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Passed by the junction of Williamson Road and Green Lanes at 4:45 and no traffic was being allowed in to the arena site. A member of staff at Sports Direct said she'd heard there had been a brawl outside of Sainsburys (but no idea if that's true)

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Whenever I see the tail-back of traffic waiting to get into the Tottenham "Retail Park",  I do wonder what happened to the recession.  They can't all be going to Lidl.

This is what happens when you put an out of town style retail park just outside of zone 2. Anyone who drives there is a mug and deserves to sit in the car park for 2 hours. The site could be redeveloped with smaller units and a nice modern village-y feel with zero car park. Guess there's not much appetite for that right now but the arena park causes most of the traffic problems around here.

That would be along the lines of Bicester Shopping Village comes to Harringay, then? Wonder how impressed the international tourists would be sitting in their limos in Green Lanes traffic.....  

Thank you, Gordon, from the bottom of my heart.  I knew there was something missing in my life. Something to aspire to. A purpose on that fateful day when my shares in the Ally Pally Park Fracking Corporation finally take off.

That day will of course begin with "Chic travel".  When a white-gloved chauffeur, just like my "personal travel concierge" collects me from the airport or my central hotel.  Or, if I choose the Shopping Express, I can enjoy the VIP, hands-free,  "Shopping Day Experience".

It's not impossible that I may even meet Eddie Finnegan as he too joins the luxury coach at the London Shelton.

O brave new world that hath such shopping in't.

Hi Gordon, I presume Jayvee is simply suggesting whether redevelopment with a mix of housing and smaller shops with less car park space( so perhaps less attractive to wider car use) could be solution. Not about a Bicester "offer".

But Sainsburys, Homebase, etc will probably have leases that maintain levels of car parking- whether people like it or not.

So the room for change will be limited (though its obvious that the in/out blockages need to be constantly reviewed to see how they can operate better)

PS just a thought - but just say the old arena and stadium and the "Texas" DIY store had hung on for say about 10 years more  - could we have seen a new Arsenal or Tottenham Stadium there? Imagine Saturdays then......

And then where we would we get our BOGOFs, our disposable £1 diy items, our costa coffee for that kwik fix, our 24 hour big mac, our items in homebase that we need that are never there (or overpriced), beds we don't dream about ?


Actually..... : the London Plan identifies the Arena Retail Park as a site which will be redeveloped, perhaps around 2030:

There is the potential for higher density development on this site due to its highly accessible location and District Centre location. Development could reduce the dominance of surface parking, replacing it with underground and under podium parking, retain retail uses on the ground and possibly first floor and residential above. The number of storeys possible would be limited at the margins by the impact on neighbouring developments; probably in practice to about 4 storeys, whilst at the centre its height would only be limited by more distant impacts and the environment created in the site, which indicates probably that heights up to 8 storeys could be achieved.

Links here and here (p 128-129) for more detail.  I wasn't having a go at Jayvee -  is the clue.  And since the site is equidistant between Highbury The Emirates and White Hart Lane, I wouldn't be surprised if in the past some bright spark hadn't suggested a new ground-sharing stadium right here!

Other considerations aside, what I find rather depressing about the London Plan site development idea is that it still aims to retain large scale parking. The site is served by four bus routes and is in walking distance of a tube station. Why the emphasis on parking? The Sainsburys on Camden Road is larger than the Harringay one and has no parking and hardly any on street provision and is constantly packed so this wouldn't seem to discourage use.

Indeed, given the entry/exit problems at Arena with even the current level of car parking.  

PS There is very limited parking round the back of Camden Sainsburys but I agree most customers walk/bus it.

Forgot - also an overground stations on the north London line and Moorgate/Kings Cross/Hertford North/Welwyn Garden City line up on Wightman. There can be few shopping areas outside of the West End so well served for public transport.

Michael, unless things have changed, Camden Sainsbury's has a large car park entered from rear of store......

It's true. Big box retailers have key performance indicators (KPIs) that determine whether they take a spot in a development or not. Store sizes are based on formats of x sq ft and that equates to x car parking spaces. x spaces is usually capacity at peak times i.e Christmas. So reduced car parking puts off big retailers unless the carrot is too big to resist i.e Cushy high footfall city centre sites. Therefore ZERO car parking spaces is not a number the number crunchers in Supermarket towers like to see. 

Timely story about a driver who was stuck for so long in a car park traffic jam that she was fined for overstaying - here.



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