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Hi all

Woke up this morning to find the remains of a mouse in our yard and also a lot of thick hair / fluff from another animal.

Luckily I have setup a camera in the yard to look for just these types of things.  I can clearly see a fox bring in an animal but its really hard to tell what it is.

I've added some pics, any ideas?  Rabbit, Squirrel, Rat?  Whatever it is, it's quite large, thankfully the fox took it with him.

We are based in Lausanne Road.

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Top picture, fox on decking - unless you have unusually wide decking planks then that's not a full grown fox I think, and so in proportion the prey is likely a squirrel. And prey legs shown in lower picture are too long for a rat.

Hmm, my search history of "dead rat" "dead squirrel" "dead rabbit" hopefully won't attract the thought police!

Yep, looks looks like a large ratus norvegicus to me. Also, I would check underneath for any nests or burrows as rats absolutely love nesting under decking. You cannot rely on a passing fox to keep the rat population down as they only go for a rat if they're really hungry.

If you've got rat burrows in the garden or around your decking, drop some Screwfix wax block-type poison inside the burrow and slightly back-fill the hole. Rats are a nightmare of a pest if they get inside your home, can do a hell of a lot of damage, far worse than mice. Good luck.

I have heard that small deer sometimes use the 'green corridor' to railway fields but seems like a long way for a fox to carry even a baby deer



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