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What are Haringey council's plans for kerbside electric vehicle charging facilities?

Since we live in an area of predominately late-Victorian/Edwardian housing with its terraced houses, shallow front gardens, no driveways and no garages - and therefore no off-street parking - charging an electric vehicle (EV) at home is a challenge. Running a cable across a pavement to charge an EV parked outside a house is a definite no-no. But more than anywhere else in the UK, it is built-up high-density urban areas like Haringey with large numbers of flat dwellers and HMOs that are the most in need of cutting vehicle pollution by encouraging use of electric vehicles.  

To encourage more ownership of EVs there is a government-funded scheme which provides grants to local authorities of up to 75% of the cost of installing kerbside charging posts or adding charging connectors to lamp posts.

Where I work in the SW7 area, take-up of this scheme by Kensington & Chelsea council seems high, with a number of dedicated kerbside posts and converted lamp-posts, easily spotted by a blinking blue LED on the side.

Does Haringey council have any plans to take advantage of this scheme?


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We should use electric bicycles but Continental can use inductive charging to charge an electric car. Video.

Yeah but I can't see HBC Highways dept jumping with joy if I dug out a 4m x 1.5m patch outside my house to install a charging pad. Plus how could I stop people parking their Dirty Diesels over it when I want a charge?

I'm all for electric cars (fancy a Tesla S myself) but there has to be a massive change in urban infrastructure planning plus local authority policies for this to become mainstream in towns planned & built 100 or more years ago. The least HBC can do is turn a blind eye to terrace house owners digging a narrow cable trench across the pavement from their property to the kerb edge and laying a tube for a charging cable to go through (and reinstate the tarmac afterwards of course). This would avoid the trip hazard.

I don't know how it is funded, but Haringey Council is currently consulting on the installation of 75 new electric vehicle charging points. Consultation letters have been sent out to people living in or near the roads where these points are proposed to be installed. Here's the link to the letter -


The closing date is 16th March 2018.

Pat C

N17 : 2 sites

N15: 7 sites

N17 about twice the size of N15. How does that happen?

Thanks for the link! A couple of the proposed charging points are less than a mile from my house so that's better than nothing although there are quite a few different charging standards & types of connectors in use so compatibility could still become a nighmare. 

But will 75 points be enough in, say, 8-10 years time when the vast majority of vehicles might be electric? Maybe every lamp-post would have to double as an EV charging point?





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