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Looking for working sony CRT TVs (the big old style ones)

21'' and still with remote ideally - if you have one you don't want please let me know the model number

Thanks so much!

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I have a much loved old school Sony TV that my friends would pay me to give away.  It's larger than 21" and I would need to dig out the original remote as I'm using the Virgin one.

Let me know if it has to be 21" and if not, I will try work out the model and find the remote.  I would need couple of days to bid it a fond farewell though.


Hi H,

Thanks for letting me know - if you cannot find the model number a picture would be helpful as well as the rough dimensions if possible

Many Thanks

The model number is normally on the back panel.



Details below:

Sony KV-28WKX1U


I will get tape measure out later but it is on the hefty side.



I have located the remote.  I assume the 28 at the start of the reference means 28" which more or less is the measurement on the diagonal.

Let me know if that's okay.  I can no longer use to organise on-demand films and my friends keep reminding me it's an electricity guzzler so it needs a nice new home.

No worries if it's too big as I can see there's a bit of demand  for "vintage" TVs online.



IM sorry to say that because this is a widescreen set as far as I can tell, it will sadly not fit in the space I have here as I think it must be about 80cm in width

apologies I cannot relieve you of it, and thankyou for your effort!

That's okay!

Hi Andy

That's kind of you but sadly i cannot make that journey so was looking for a local pickup. Many thanks for your response



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