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We had to put our beloved cat down last week and will be looking to get a new member of our household in early August. We are looking for a single kitten, preferably male. Ive had cats all my life and can promise it a wonderful life in our garden flat. Please private message me if your cat is about to have kittens!

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Also anyone on here who uses facebook, add yourself to the stokey cats and dogs group, covers further and very helpful with advice, lost pets etc.

In case anyone is interested in giving an older cat a home, this local beautiful burmese cat needs a good home with a garden


Cat and kitten fosterers and homes needed here


Thanks Terri for pointing out the Stokey Cats and Dogs group on Facebook and Twitter plus the website www.stokeycatsanddogs.co.uk has all the links - for anyone else interested, it's a great local group helping animals, rescue cats and dogs needing homes, lost and found and you're right, has lots of good advice as well.



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