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Want to support local farmers and get tasty and seasonal veg & fruit from a local non-profit?

A few months ago Hackney-based Growing Communities took over Crop Drop's operations in Haringey, and they are now looking to expand in Haringey, including free gifts for people who sign up in January:


They have been going for 25 years, working with farmers and setting up local food production (particularly for novel and interesting salads). They have a range of bag options that you can sign up to, then you collect them each week one of their sites around Haringey and Hackney.

We've been a member for many years & it is a really good way of helping farmers, the community - and getting tasty fruit and veg.

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Agreed! We’ve been getting our veg from Crop Drop and now GC for years and it’s revolutionised the way we eat. Lower carbon footprint, organic seasonal food. 

That sounds very interesting.  It's a bit puzzling however to hear of 'local farmers', does anyone know where the food is actually grown, is it just outside London?  I would like to visit.

They have 'patchwork farms' growing salads etc which you can volunteer on, based in e.g. Clissold and Springfield Park (a very nice park if you don't know it!):


There also run a farm in Dagenham:


They then have a hierarchy of food sources, starting with farms close to London, e.g. see:


You also get told each week where the fruit & veg comes from (though in some cases this will be suppliers rather than specific farms):


Thanks!  Will look into this.

Crop Drop were growing some of their salad crops at Wolves Lane (so food miles about one!). Wolves Lane is just off White Hart Lane near Wood Green. Not sure if Growing Communities are continuing this, but I think so. Forty Hall in Enfield also produces food for local veg bags.



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