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We have a few cracks in the walls of our property which I assumed were settlement cracks but one has widened and grown over the summer (pic attached) so am concerned it may be subsidence-related. I have a quote from a very good structural engineer but the cost of him doing a survey is nearly £2000! In the first instance, I was hoping someone could have a look and do a less thorough survey just so we could know whether it's anything sinister. Perhaps that's not possible but if anyone has any advice and/or can recommend someone, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Tris,

It's in the front room downstairs. Yes, will definitely be getting it checked out - going to get a couple more quotes from structural engineers. Thanks!

This briefing from the Association of British Insurers is good on explaining subsidence & how wide a crack needs to be before you should be worrying:


Useful document, thanks Michael

That is really useful Michael. Thank you. The crack was a hairline one and then opened up to about 2mm while we were on holiday a couple of weeks ago. This suggests waiting to see if the crack closes up during the wetter winter months. So may be a case of wait and see!



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