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Just back from our local Tottenham polling station.   Council staff with their cheery welcomes in the otherwise almost empty hall.  Me and two other voters seemed to be the noon rush.
I was initially confused by the long varicoloured voting slips to be posted in three boxes.
Remember "Instructions for the Zero Gravity Toilet" in the film 2001?

But any foolish temptation  by me to give a vote to Count Binface vanished when I heard from a family member that the dreadful Susan Hall was only ten points behind in the latest polling.

Whichever Party  agreed to removing Proportional voting from the Mayoral ballot are shameful vote-rigging cheats.

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The only place in the UK where personation was at all a problem was Northern Ireland which caused the requirement for ID back on 1985. The old joke - ‘vote early vote often’.  No justification for its extension to all of UK now.  I strongly suspect the gov though they would suppress opposition votes by its introduction. 

The need for voter identification is in response to the Tower Hamlets issues.

They might have said 'pints', Alan. If you want people to rush out and vote for Labour, just say that. 

  " Me and two other voters seemed to be the noon rush."

You disappoint me Alan :(

2022. B Johnson introduces Voter ID for elections.

2024. B Johnson turns up to vote without valid voter ID.

Source https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-68947834


(Yeah, it's not Harringay-specific but for once I do not care.)

Blatant attempt to get himself in the news is obvious.

Topic of his next column in Saturday's Daily Mail then?? He was known for lazy journalism pre political career.

Yup - tacked on to the bottom of a long screed headed 'Donny the dying duckling'. Honestly...

Surely he’s never broken his own rules before….?

Whichever Party  agreed to removing Proportional voting from the Mayoral ballot are shameful vote-rigging cheats.

Evidence for this assertion? Of course not. 

The reality is ranked choice voting always inures to the benefit of the Left. The evidence of this is that when it's pushed through over an malinformed electorate, the Left wins where otherwise quite often it would have lost (London is an exception, discussed below).

For example, in Alaska the Republican wins in a presidential election by ~10 points there.  Yet somehow, thanks to ranked choice and splitter strategy (a Democrat, a RINO and an actual conservative on any given ballot) the Democrat voters know to only list one candidate on their ballot and the RINO voters then list the Democrat candidate as second choice.  So even though the conservative Republican gets the most votes, the Democrat or the RINO wins.

Hence in a deep red state, a Democrat sits in the House of Representatives and their senators are Democrats in disguise -- i.e., the same thing as "Conservatives" here in the UK, who represent no one but Klaus Schwab and the City, which is why their a$$es will be kicked in the next election here because of the betrayed electoral mandate of the last election. 

So the "vote rigging cheats" aren't those who oppose ranked choice voting; it's those who push for it.

Not to catch some vast mostly imaginary vote fraudsters.

There is not need for voting fraud where the Left will win anyway, although California, New York, et al have still legalised voting fraud (ballot harvesting and drop boxes in particular) to ensure not just that the Left will never lose an election but that they will never lose their super majorities in the state governments.   

But if you were to actually look at key states in US presidential elections, you will see that a key objective of the Democrat party is to remove voter ID requirements so they can more easily engage in their fraud that threw the election that Donald Trump actually won in 2020.

I don't shoot from the hip, I am in the business of evidence for living: The Carter-Baker Commission (that would be uber leftist former US President Jimmy Carter by the way) in 2005 came out strongly against no voter ID, mail in ballots, drop boxes etc.  

As far as the evidence of  US election of 2020 being thrown, in summary form, the Democrats always take a victory lap and the Molly Ball article in Time in Feb 20201 was just that. "Cabal" was her term; not mine. Scroll down after the cover pic and the full expose' is there.


Do you think the insistence on photo ID will mean that people will be put off ? 

The point is to put off those who should not be voting, so hopefully "yes".

To the extent, however, that you are querying whether it would put off eligible voters, there is endless discussion on that same question in the US which can be easily located. The Democrat party's position is essentially say that minority voters are too stupid to get photo IDs. They won't say it that way, but that is the only tenable argument against voter ID and that is what they are making.  This is another of many reasons why the Democrat (Labour) party disgusts so many. 


Jacob Rees-Mogg at the NatCon conference in May 2023:

“Parties that try and gerrymander end up finding their clever scheme comes back to bite them, as I dare say we found by insisting on voter ID for elections.

“We found the people who didn’t have ID were elderly, and they by and large voted Conservative, so we made it hard for our own voters and we upset a system that worked perfectly well.”



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