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Internet has been down since Saturday, briefly back yesterday but not working again this morning. I have just spoken to an engineer working on the box which serves Effingham and possibly part of Wightman. He said that the problem is caused by a faulty cable junction under Wightman Road which can only be fixed if Haringey Council allows the road to be closed - and so far this has not been agreed. Pressure on councillors needed!

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Hi Will, we've been up and running with both wifi and tv today on Effingham Road. Not particularly confident it will continue after it being so sporadic, but all ok for now. We've lost confidence in Virgin Media though and when we move (hopefully just to N15) we'll be looking for another provider. Good luck!

Any provider can have problems and moving to them will not solve things. Virgin are a large organization who generally try to work thigs out, except when the odds are against them, like some third party obstruction is in the way of them fulfilling their obligations. I know people can get frustrated when they can't get adequate broadband, but that is only because we all take it so much for granted these days. Think back a couple of years when we were all lucky to have telephone boxes at the corner of our streets, and the BBC signal got fuzzy when a pigeon landed on your aerial.

But we're not in those days. And it's virgin media lying about the problem and when it will be fixed that's the issue. And not compensating for all the extra money spent on getting data. we pay loads each month for a service that's not delivered.

Then you should obviously complain. Which I assume you have.

Yes, multiple times. 

And after a lovely Friday of wifi and tv...it's off again.

Down again fault ref F005402211, this time with a fix estimate of 27 July 12:00 !!  I ranted on Twitter and they have responded saying they need to do a new cable pull.  I've lost my patience with them and moving to BT.



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