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We're currently getting our Victorian terrace renovated on Falkland Road, and one of our builders found this bottle hidden in the floor when they took the kitchen ceiling down. 

As you can see it has 'Brownswood' imprinted on it, and is fairly small - the size of my palm. 

From research I discovered that Brownswood is an area just down the road at Manor House, so I wonder if there is likely a connection to that  - I can't find any old brands going by that name.

I'm going to contact The Brownswood pub to see if they ever produced bottles like these, but if anyone else knows anything/has any knowledge of what it likely contained that would be great! It seems more likely to be a medicine (or poison!) bottle rather than alcohol due to its small size. Would love to find out more about it.

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The shape looks a bit like a baby feeding bottle, but Victorian/Edwardian isn’t my period. You might find some useful sources here:


How interesting, let us know if you find out more. I now want to rip up my floors :)

You could try posting on the forum below to see if anyone can identify it


That pink nail polish!

Showed my dad (lived here all his life and is nearly 90) he said he doesn’t know what it was but defo not poison as that was sold in ridged blue bottles , not sure how he knows that! Would be interesting to know, they always found plates in our house when they pulled down walls etc.  

Thanks everyone for the input and the useful links - I'll try the Glassmaking and bottle forum websites.

I'll let you know if I manage to find anything out. A 2 year old was listed on the 1901 census so the baby feeding bottle could line up!

On another thread about the Deaf Hostel for Ladies, there's a mention of a large house called Brownswood -


Googling, I haven't been able to find out much about the house itself, but there was an extensive manor of Brownswood around the Finsbury Park/Hornsey/Stroud Green area. So it's quite possible that there was a business enterprise that used the name.



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