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My elderly friend in Bowes Park relies a lot on her old VCR but it's stopped working. Could be terminal but I have no idea.

Does anyone know of someone that might be able to take a look to see if it can be fixed? 

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Hello Ruth. I have one I would be happy to give her but I haven't used it for years so I will have to check it first

Hi John, that's  very kind of you indeed. Thanks for the offer and I'll wait to hear whether it works or not.

Well I checked and it seems to be  working, including the remote. Can you wait until the weekend to pick it up ?

Hi John, I'm sure my friend won't mind waiting till then. I can pick it up for her and take it over. Let me know when you're ready, no rush. Message me where and when. And a big thank you. 

Hi John, I'll DM you.



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