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Although I am a low user, Eon has just increased my dual fuel bill from £64 per month to £93 per month. I am thinking of changing my supplier, but not to a company that insists on installing smart meters.

Has anyone any advice, recommendations?

Thank you.

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Do you know why they have changed the amount?

They have increased their charges and said I had changed my tariff as my other one had expired. They had advised that the new tariff was the best one for me.

Certainly worth checking what tariff they’ve put you on. There was some talk about stopping energy companies moving people to their variable rate tariff (usually the most expensive) after a fixed deal ends. But I’m not sure if that hat change was made.

After a period with Octopus, we’re back the Ovo. If you overpay with them, they you give you 5% interest on your excess balance. That makes it a great place to have your savings right now! Alternatively, if you want to pay less, I’ve found them very willing to reduce your payments to any reasonable amount you name.

Have you checked alternatives with an energy comparison website? Very much worth doing. 

Spoke to a lady at EON , explained price difference. Sent me a list of Tariffs, email, which depend if duel fuel and paying by Direct Debit

But do not seem able to give you a bill that shows breakdown of monthly bill

Does state No exit fee on Tarif , Next Flex ,Time to look for another supplier

Bit of a issue when not aware of what I was using last year

I'm with Ovo, and stay mainly because I always find their customer service so pleasant and easy to reach. However, they recently put my charges up because my fixed tariff had expired (and the emails to remind me of this had not reached me - another story). The rationale was that the government had increased the cap on fuel prices, so all the companies were putting up their tariffs accordingly.

Thank you to everyone who is trying to help with advice and comments.

My water bill has also increased hugely this half-year. I thought it was because my son has been home and having showers/washing laundry more often than I usually do - but then a friend in Essex said his has also gone up a lot.

On a water , I am on meter and paying my lowest bills. Last one £60.00 Half year



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