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Pavement Works outside Yasar Halim Today

Attached is an update outlining what's due to be happening when with the works on Green Lanes.

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I like the new pavement, but only on Tuesday evenings though when I run through the Lanes on my run home from work. I've just run 7 miles from Bermondsey so I'm grateful for the wider pavements. 

Is the wider pavement an illusion as the road does not look any narrower and they haven"t moved the shops. An effect of a more uniform surface and less clutter?

I just walked along Green Lanes and don't believe the pavement has been widened. The new paving slabs may give the impression of spaciousness.

Does anyone know whether the council intend to resurface Green Lanes once the works are completed?

To widen it we would have lost the bus lane...

They definitely seem wider, but don't think they can be, as the old road markings are still in place.Strange!



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