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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The Harringay Bridge banners are now ready to be installed and will be up early next week.

Rob Chau, (Harringay Traders), has set up a website to show the banner. For the online version, the historical timeline  has been annotated with text provided by yours truly www.thebigplan.org.

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Very happy to see this. Congratulations to everyone involved. The story about the cheetahs is unbeatable.
I know it's only temporary, but maybe a descendant of this should find it's way into local schools, the Beaconsfield and Salisbury. In ceramic.
Yes, I dug out the cheetah story on an obscure fan site. It seems to have been discovered more widely on HoL and has been doing the rounds ever since.

Thank you for posting this, Hugh. It looks like a very positive improvement. Well done all involved.

I like it very much too, but one word of warning ..

It might just be 'too busy' for anyone in passing to understand it. On the other hand, it may also encourage passers-by to think about it, day in, day out..

Only time will tell.

We hope it will stimulate enquiry! It'll only be up for six months

Sorry Hugh but it's a rubbish design. I agree with Stephen in that it is too busy. The lettering interferes with the graphics which in their turn camouflage the message.

The latter prompts only the question " what is coming ? The raised " g " at the end is a stylistic no no.

It was much better in the black and white version without the lettering.

At last, a dissenting voice! Thanks for your frankness, John.

I like it but I don't see why you didn't put peasants in at the end of the timeline too.

This from the media company who are putting up the banner:

All the banners went to be installed on Sunday and there was a problem on site with the tensioning at the top of the main centre banners (same as previously where you mentioned about the banner not being completely taught).

I have just spoken to our Operations and they have had to take it to be fitted with a section at the top to fit the bridge. The installation is to be ASAP once this has been fixed and I can confirm that the prints have been received today for this fitting.

I apologise about the delay, this was only identified once our teams were actually on site!

We will get these up ASAP and I will inform you as soon as they are due to go up.



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