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There has been a long running thread about ongoing delays to the post in N8 and N4 but for those who have missed it, I’ve pasted below a useful update from the Hornsey MP which sheds some light. It basically sounds as though the depot that serves us has been hit by a perfect storm of hugely increased volumes, far fewer staff and, intriguingly, perhaps a distance & location issue ... 

The other thread, with various tales of missing post, is here: https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/are-local-postal-servi...

Dear friend,
I spoke with senior Royal Mail staff last week about the ongoing postal problems in N8 and N4 and they have today sent me this letter updating on some of the actions they are taking to try and resolve the matter. I hope you find it helpful.


During the meeting, I also asked about the possibility of re-opening a delivery office in N8. It was a real blow to the local community when Hornsey Sorting Office closed down in 2014. With the volume of parcels now being handled doubling in recent weeks and likely to remain high, it feels more important than ever that N8 and N4 mail is given the priority it deserves and that residents aren’t forced to take public transport, drive or cycle over to N19 to collect packages once delivery offices can safely reopen. I have written to the Chief Executive of Royal Mail to raise this proposal further.

I have also asked if Royal Mail can provide a contact for local managers for people with very specific concerns, and I will forward this on once I receive it.

Finally, I am very much aware that this still isn’t a normal service and whilst Royal Mail are hopeful that the additional staffing will improve matters and that they are through the worst, I know that many of you continue to experience problems. I have asked to be kept regularly updated and appreciate you continuing to share with me news of improvements or new problems that I can collate and raise with Royal Mail on your behalf.

Best wishes,


Member of Parliament for Hornsey & Wood Green

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Yes, also missing a parcel that was sent over a week ago.

Also missing post again. One package that I have tracking on has been 'due for delivery today' from Hornsey DO - we've always been under the remit of the (awful) North London DO in the past. Anyone else noticed this? 

Would things be this bad if we still had a sorting office in Hornsey rather than all the way over in Tufnell Park?

I don’t know how much proximity comes into it - my understanding is that the premises aren’t very amenable to having lots of socially distanced staff.

Same boat in Seymour Road. We had a huge amount of post last week, all on the same day, and nothing since. The postwoman said it was as bad, if not worse, at the depot as before. I wrote to David Lammy about this previously and have just followed this up, though quite what can be achieved now if lessons haven’t been learned from last time isn’t very clear. 



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