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I was at the Area Assembly again last night. Most of it was given over to an update on the Harringay Traffic Issue following the "Special Area Assembly" on traffic in March.

On a positive note, the meeting was much better run than is usually the case. So, well done on that Haringey. Let's keep those improvements going.

The traffic part of the meeting kicked off with Tony Kennedy (the council officer responsible) taking us through a document which aimed to summarise issues raised at the March meeting and to offer an summary of what Haringey's response will be.

A copy of the document is attached. I will let you make up your own minds as to whether you feel it gives you a sense that the Harringay Traffic Issue is really going to be addressed.

Many of Haringey's "planned actions" refer to a traffic study that Alison P noticed in the most recent Haringey People. Alison left the following comment on another post:

I read in my beloved Haringey People yesterday that there is going to be a traffic survey of the whole Green Lanes area - is this right? Isn't this what we've been asking for ages - surely very good news, though not clear how it should/would fit in with the proposed changes being discussed here for Wightman Road ... ?

Does anyone know any more about this?

We do now Alison; we do now.

Firstly, perception correction. The People article gave the impression that it was announcing the holistic traffic survey that the residents have been requesting for many years. It's what I thought; clearly what Alison thought.

We, and no doubt countless others, were quite wrong. We checked on this last night. What the article refers to is a study being run by TfL to assess traffic on Green Lanes with a view to easing bus movements. Haringey hope to get information on some other Harringay traffic issues out of the survey too. They've put in a request for specific additional issues to be included in the remit. (See the attachment for details). They have not yet had a response from TfL.

So, it's not the Harringay-wide traffic study that the Haringey People article inferred it is. It is a TfL study focussed on making the buses run faster. It's not at all clear to me that our objectives are going to be aligned with TfL's in any way. Indeed as Paul Jenkins from the Wightman Road Residents' Association pointed out to me, its interests might be directly opposed to ours - how do you make the buses run faster on Green Lanes? One way could be displacing traffic to Wightman.

I'd be interested to know what others think. Does this look likely to give us what we need? If not, what should we do? I wonder if the opposition parties have any views / solutions to offer.

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Two or three years ago at a Crouch End AA meeting, the Head of Highways (or similar high-falutin' title) said that one of the reasons why the council did consultations on CPZs was to find out if there might be a displacement effect.

Which I would have thought was an odd thing for a senior council Highways officer to say. Perhaps it was an off-the-cuff remark.

Every CPZ ever imposed has caused displacement.

No one knows this better than London local authorities.

After all, that is no more or less than their declared intention.

Hugh, you are too polite.

Frankly, after hearing last night that the Harringay Traffic Survey has been sub-contacted to TfL to examine ways to ease bus flow along Green Lanes, I was extremely cross.

The sub-heading for AAs is "You talk, we listen" well now we know that they don't listen. I wonder how Haringey People will report this, something like -"following the success of the recent Harringay Traffic Survey, buses will move faster along Green Lanes."

As to where we go next...Boris & the London Assemby?
Every morning there is either an iceland truck or a tesco truck parked in the bus lane heading south which the busses have to leave the bus lane to get around. Every evening there are people "just nipping into the shop" illegally parking in the no parking areas for heading north. I would think that this is what TfL are looking at, they can't make the busses run any "faster" they're already doing more than 30 given an open stretch of road.

How about a congestion charge for driving through Haringey (i.e. not paid by residents)? Come on council, you can make a mint out of that, how in the hell else will all those Enfield City types get their Range Rovers into town?
I'm fuming about this - what a cheeky sleight of hand to take a study about Green Lanes and make it sound like something so much grander. Absolutely infuriating.

Personally I support trying to ease buses on Green Lanes, so I'm not against the proposed study. I just really object to it being dressed up as something that it isn't (especially something that is so obviously needed). As for the idea that traffic just chooses its own way - what nonsense, and how disappointing to hear that from someone who has such an important role in shaping traffic policy in Haringey.



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