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The TV reception in my flat has been dying slowly as the large school on Woodberry Grove has gone up. I am now down to three measly BBC channels and, while I am sure this is good for my soul, I long to see the wonders of E4s Misfits and ITVs Downton Abbey. My questions for you good neighbours are:

1. Are others in the Vale/Eade/Hermitage Road area experiencing the same or is my theory about the school blocking reception incorrect?

2. Does anyone know a good fixer of TV arials?

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I would suggest approaching those responsible for the new school and/or the council before paying for anything yourself. Friends of mine had similiar problems many years ago [when you could only probably get 3 channels] and they installed cabled tv for all those residents affected for free.
TV reception around Salisbury Rd and St. Ann's Rd has been dying too during the last couple of weeks. Some of my neighbours have changed to Sky or gone for Free Sat. The TV guys at 12-13 Wordsworth Parade, Green Lanes are very prompt and efficient. They also think it is something to do with the new building works.
We had a new aerial fitted a couple of months ago by Ward Aerials (recommended elsewhere on this site):

They seemed pretty professional, and picked up interference from a crane on the Woodberry Down estate site (which was basically between our house in the Gardens & the Crystal Palace transmitter), and adjusted the aerial to reduce the impact.

They also said they could come back & adjust the aerial again if there were more problems.

I'm not sure how tall the new buildings on the redeveloped Woodberry Down will be, but they could end up affecting reception for others too.
The new school is considerably lower/smaller than the buildings that were originally there which were cleared for the new development...

and the school will soon be opening it's resources eg sports facilities etc to the local residents...

but, maybe we should demolish all the tall buildings, social housing etc in the area so you can watch E4 as the new series of Misfits has been really good.
Our TV reception always seems to dip in Autumn and Spring time and it is very annoying. Last week I had no BBC channels in the evening, this week BBC is ok but I've lost C4 and ITV. It's fine in the daytime but goes at about 8pm.

I have no idea what's going on but am thinking we'll have to go free stat so it's good to get some recommendations - thank you.
or you could try cable!

we have no other reception in our road on account of being at the bottom of the hill and surrounded by tall houses on all sides, so didn't really have a choice, but now i never watch anything but the virgin catch up service to see my favourite programmes as and when i want to.
I'd need a new computer first...

We still haven't tried our TV as the remote control remains resolutely lost. I miss Misfits, True Blood etc. but it's probably better for the soul to spend the evenings reading/writing. Saying that, if other people on the street are affected perhaps somebody can put up a communal areal (I have no idea how this work) and this sort of thing should really be part of the planning process.
Freesat could be the answer if you can see the sky in a southerly direction.
A lot cheaper han a communal aerial system though.



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