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Dear neighbours

It breaks my heart to see the trees being cut down in the Ladder.

We all know trees are good to help a number of problems that we all keep complaining about:

- cars a high speed on residential roads

- litter

- enhance wellbeing and sense of belonging 

- air quality

- blocks noise,

- increases privacy 

- help with eyesight!! 


During lockdown, many of us walked around our neighbourhood, and the difference between the richer parts of the neighbourhood being much greener, with more and bigger trees, was astonishing!

On my road, we have lost 5!!! trees in the last year, none replaced. Not counting the ones that disappeared so long ago no one remembers them anymore and the few culled in private gardens in the last couple of years. The Council says there were cut down for good reasons but if we want them replaced we need to go to put on the admin work and pay ourselves 5 x £200/£250 per tree through Trees for streets!

A few days ago, someone posted a link a few weeks ago for a form for us to denounce trees that were NOT replaced. Unfortunately, it is not tagged with #trees, and I cannot find it again.  I guess if lots of people fill it in, it will show the strong opinions residents have about this topic.


Even if you do not care about trees and the wellbeing they bring but are a homeowner, think that house prices are higher on a road with trees!


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Lib dems have a petition going for more trees to be planted in Haringey: 


Unfortunately trees , if not well maintained, are also good at creating subsidence.

I'm all for trees (some of my best friends are trees) but the species and placement must be chosen carefully to minimise property damage.

From the minutes of the LCSP November meeting:-

Tree Removals: The LCSP has received information regarding the removal of trees in the following locations (due to decay, damage, fungal infection, etc.):(From LBH Tree Dept.)

  - Sydney Road: by house number 43 and 97/99

  - Frobisher Road: by house number 26

  - Raleigh Road: by house number 64

  - Falkland Road: opp house number 1, by house numbers 3, 17

  - Allison Road: by house number 58

Unfortunately, Harringay Ward is not scheduled for any new or replacement plantings until the 2023/24 season

I heard t(from a tree surgeon) that part of this tree cull was to reduce the council's insurance liabilities and maintenance.

In short, cut costs = cut down trees. 

Would anyone from the council like to add to this?



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