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trees due to be felled at blanche neville school - petition to stop this happening

trees are due to be felled at Blanch Neville school, we are campaigning to save the trees:

I live hear blanche neville school in muswell hill. my neigbors houses border the school's land, and the end of two roads overlook their land.

This wednesday (26th august) someone noticed that trees were being felled. they discovered two more were due to go when the surgeons returned on friday. They immediately alerted us all what was happening and a campaign started. We set up an online petition to ask that the felling stop, that the school consult with local people before continuing, and if the trees had to go that they be replaced.

The peition is at save neville blanche trees

We managed to stop the felling from happening on friday, by blocking the entrance to the school and with the help of our councilor viv ross and an LBH enforcement officer. They have told us that the head of the school must now work with LBH before any further work on the trees is taken.

However we are not yet confident that the trees will be saved, or even replaced, so please sign the petition to let the school know how haringey people feel about the benefits and loss of trees, and pass on the link.

many thanks - ruth

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The chain-saw warriors appear to have opened up a new unannounced offensive in Haringey this summer. From the Harringay Stadium Slopes to Queen's Wood, and Umfreville Road and now at Blanche Neville School.

The common thread appears to be very little or no consultation. Is this right? Why have trees become the new enemies of the people? A litany of woeful vandalism and a borough of wood-chips.



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