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There's due to be a steam excursion from King's Cross on Sat. morning [23rd] leaving early [7:15]. Spotters should get a good view from Harringay, Hornsey, Alexandra Palace etc.

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A few months ago I was crossing the road at Finsbury Park early in the morning and the steam train went over the bridge. I couldn't see it but I heard it and there was a great plume of smoke (steam?). The elderly gentleman stood next to me, slightly the worst for drink even at that hour, asked me if I though it could be a dragon. I told him that I though it probably was and we both walked off smiling.
There's a lovely big green steaming thing with " British Railways " on the side sitting in the Hornsey Repair works at the moment. Too far away from me to read the name plate or number.
Is it perhaps 4472 Flying Scotsman ?

It appears to be the Tornado or the Sir Nigel Gresley. See:

I thought the Sir Nigel Gresley had been repainted in BR Blue but maybe I'm out of date. If it's Tornado then it's well worth a look. Incidentally, the 7:15 start has changed to 8:18 passing Finsbury Park at 8:27 on the way to York and passing Ally Pally on the way back at 21:14.
It is the one we went to look at in Feb.

It is also shortly to feature in a Top Gear race apparently.
Went through Harrngay at a fair whack, first steam train for my son and I think he enjoyed it, thanks for the information.
Where is thomas and the fat controller ?

I was at Hornsey, with Thomas.
Sir Nigel Gresley may be doing the return today passing at about 2115 heading for Kings Cross.

Probably too dark for photos though.
Just heard it go by. Sounded fantastic. 3 minutes late though... :)



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