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A huge amount of data was gathered during the traffic survey in and around Harringay from 6-12 January 2016.  You can find the raw data here.

It is very raw and can be difficult  to interpret if you haven't done something like this before but I know there are other number crunchers out there who could have a go.

I've done some top line analysis limited to The Ladder and Green Lanes (attached to this post) but will do more and add it here.  It might be useful, if anyone else feels so moved, to post their own analysis and thoughts here too.  Also, any questions about the data itself or the questions it raises are welcome.

Things to take into account

  • Most roads are one way so there is only one set of data.  Roads that are two way are shown with north and south counts
  • Green Lanes was monitored at 3 points and Wightman Road at 4


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By 22 March the traffic lights were in place on the bridge, which wasn't the case for the rest of the survey part 1. Oops, in terms of integrated data.  

I know.  They only useful thing you can really get out of it is what the traffic flows were on the days monitored.  It's not comparable to the existing data.

I spotted it was missing when I was sent all the data files and raised this as I thought it might have just been omitted in the upload but unfortunately Endymion was missed out - don't know why, it's a pretty big and in your face road.

Thinking about it a bit more, as well as the lights being in operation
Thursday 24 - day before Easter so lots of people getting away early, going off on holiday etc.
Friday 25 - Monday 28- bank holidays and Easter weekend
Tuesday 29 - bridge closure
So all in all it doesn't really tell us anything about the "real" traffic conditions before works started.

MIchael, given the important role of the Arena shopping centre in generating traffic in this area, I am right in thinking that there was no traffic monitor on Williamson Road (the road to the Arena parking)? It's not on your map at least.

This seems like a major deficiency of the traffic study & shouldn't we be pushing for a monitor there in any subsequent monitoring?

It would be extremely interesting to know how much of the current Green lanes traffic (post Wightman closure) is going to or from the Arena, particularly given the Council's plans to re-develop the Arena to mainly housing.



I agree. The Williamson Road/Green Lanes/Endymion junction seems key to what is happening in GL.

One less - I've found it's very easy to go to the Seven Sisters / Tottenham High Road Tesco and you can get out of the car park in seconds :-)

Tottenham Tesco? Traitor!
On the junction, I wonder if it would help matters if they got rid of the traffic island opposite McDonalds as all it seems to do is restrict the road width? Also, moving the northbound bus stop one block further north might help,to stop congestion there.



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