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 Hi everyone, I just thought I would share my latest review of the totally wonderful Kenilly's Tapas Restaurant in Wood Green (242 High Rd, London N22 8JX) that I have recently eaten in.

"As a Spaniard that has grown up in North London, for most of my life I have craved to find a place that can deliver a slice of what I consider to be equal to my mum's or gran's cooking. Finally this place does!

Not only are the tapas portions massive, more akin to a Spanish ración, the taste is amazing. We (4 people) had the padrón peppers, octopus, ham croquettes, mushroom croquettes, patatas bravas, lamb chops, beef fillet, calamares, garlic mushrooms and couldn't finish it. The drinks are very very reasonable in price too. The staff are excellent, friendly and attentive without being overbearing and the chef came out at the end to check everything was fine. We had failed to eat everything but that was due to the large portions on offer as opposed to the quality. We took it all home to savour the following day! ¡Muy bien hecho chicos! A Wood Green gem that I hope can grow and prosper."

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Where in Wood Green ?

Google is your friend, John D.

So it is. For all those who, like me, are too lazy to search,  it's on the corner of White Hart Lane and Green Lanes, 242 High Rd, London N22 8JX.

Thanks Gordon.

Its on the corner of White Hart Lane and High Road N22, opposite the old Fagans pub. 

Yes, it is a true hidden gem! Nice food and friendly staff 

Slight exaggeration. This place is quite ok but far from amazing. The menu is quite limited, and I suspect the poster is doing their best to help this business. The tortilla is undercooked, and the paella portions miniscule. It is, however a pleasant addition, and the staff work hard to create a nice ambience. We will certainly return.

It is my honest opinion and if you see my account activity I'm not one for just posting everything is amazing for the sake of it. Tortilla varies much amongst Spanish people and their preference. Betanzos for example is famous for its runny egg tortilla.

As for the menu choice, I disagree. There was plenty of choice and having popped in to speak to the chef, he worked wonders in the very small kitchen he has to work with. The actual tradition of tapas is also to just offer a variety of plates to have whilst enjoying a drink as opposed to something offering an extensive food menu.

Thanks for the heads up Mig, we'll give it a try. Eugene

To be fair, whilst it’s probably not a great choice for vegetarians, the menu doesn’t look too limited to me. Far better to do a range of things well than struggle with a laundry list menu.  I’ll put it on my range of local places to try. 

My wife and I visit fairly regularly and also really enjoy it. The staff are indeed very friendly but good at leaving us alone to enjoy our drinks and food, which we appreciate. Really recommend visiting to anyone in the area. 



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