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I have been irritated for a long time by drops outs on my internet connection. It is happening again, lasting for 5-10 mins+ at a time, this morning before a call I was about to join for work.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what tool I might use to monitor these drop outs to see how frequent this is and so I have something to go back to Virgin with?

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Virgin seems to have the monopoly over HOL subscribers, my advice would be simply change to a more reliable provider rather than feed them information which they won't act on. Personally, I wouldn't subscribe to Virgin even if it was free.

You can use this

It's also what Virgin suggest you use so they're less likely to ignore it.

I would recommend that if you do have problems you post it on the forums https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/CommunityH... rather than attempting to use their truly atrocious telephone customer service.

Thanks, Andrew.  I have the same problem with Plusnet; will try thinkbroadband.

@Xavier- Would love to, but that comes with implications that I do not have time to handle at this point so best to see if I can fix the problem first

@Andrew- Thanks, will give that a go

@Neil- Cable. My desktop loses internet, which obviously then affects wifi!

I should add, this is not the problem as far as I know

Easy for some Neil. This is not a world I know much about. I went into the link Andrew sent to set up a monitor and blow me down did the internet not go again! Priceless.

I will see if I can get into the modem user interface and see what it can tell me. I am less clear if I will understand it...

Have you checked the vintage of your neighbours' TV sets?


Not to defend Virgin nor do I work for them but they are pretty good at fixing faults in my experience with them. I had a similar problem with my broadband and called them up. The technical person I spoke to did a remote test and quickly identified there was in fact a fault on my connection and booked an engineer that arrived in about 3 days as I recall. They fixed the fault and it's been pretty good ever since. 

I'd suggest giving them a call before you waste a bunch of time collecting evidence for something they can probably test in seconds and fix in days.

I agree they are pretty good in that regard, but they only seem able to identify a fault when they see it. The fact they might be monitoring this stuff in the first place is news to me I have to admit. 

I have had this problem intermittently for yonks now and had them look at it and the engineer (through lack of evidence) has fiddled with this, or fiddled with that. It has now gone, but I am sure it will happen again, so I will keep monitoring the logs thanks to Andrew's tip and at least the next time I need to go back to them I have some evidence. I will be interested to know what it is as I did not think  cable suffered problems like this. It is all quite random.

I had this problem but with BT - my IT guys at work told me I didn’t need to bother to monitor it as BT had all the data on record themselves. Hope you get it sorted 

So, this is what I am talking about...

Thanks Neil. This was an extreme, but it dropped on a call this morning for 5 mins or so which was not very professional looking. 

Before I go to them what exactly am I saying to them- that the line keep dropping and BTW here is some evidence of it, please sort it out. Or, is there a more specific issue I am looking for them to resolve, do you know what is likely to cause this sort of drop out?



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