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I've had a letter about my tariff review from my energy supplier sitting in my 'deadly-dull-but-gotta-be-done' pile for a while now. This morning we got round to checking if we're getting the best deal. 

We're semi regular switchers, but nonetheless, after this morning's exercise we're switching and getting an estimated annual savings of £209. We learned a bit along the way about how to use the energy switching sites so it took a bit longer than we thought. 

Here's what we learned:

1. All switching sites are not equal. Only the  Which site had our exact tarrif (recently introduced). It also has the clearest information, tarrif ratings and a useful supplier rating page.

2. We got very different results from all sites depending on whether we entered our last quarter or my annual bill. We've gone with the information based on the Kwh we used over the past year.

3. The biggest difference seemed to be getting the tarrif right. We'd been just about to give up as we were finding nothing cheaper when we noticed that our tariff's name was changing as of 1st November. This changed our savings results from -£51.00 to +£209. So make sure you use the tarrif you'll be on for the next year ratrher than the one you have been on.


BTW, the supplier chosen for us was Ovo. They seem to do pretty well on Which's supplier rating page.



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I've just switched to Ovo as well - I liked their simple website and commitment to 15% green energy. The only annoying thing about switching was I had to wait for my British Gas web tariff to come to an end, or pay a penalty, and then it took six weeks to transfer to the new company, during which I was paying standard tariff.
We switched in June to Ovo encouraged by Martin Moneysaver recommending going for a fixed deal at the start of the tariff rises. We had switched less than a year earlier and our energy company were threatening to penalise us. Again using Martin's advice, I wrote to them saying that they had defaulted on our agreement by increasing the tariff and they withdrew their claim for a penalty fee. We now pay Ovo £81 per month for electricity and gas.

After verifying with Scottish Power that, as SP had changed their tariff they'd broken the terms of their own contract and so I wouldn't attract a cancellation fee, I too switched in June to Ovo after a trawl through some comparison/cashback  sites.

Ovo mysteriously staggered the switchover so that the electric didn't go over until after the 30 day limit on cancellation fee waivers that Scottish Power impose, so SP charged me a cancel fee for the Electric. I phoned up SP and moaned a little and they kindly cancelled the fee - excellent!



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