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I was sad last year to see the demise of Nakama Japanese Restaurant in Crouch End. When I learned that it was to be replaced by another Japanese eaterie however, I was hopeful. Over Christmas, we decided that it was about time we tried the new place and with a slight sense of trepidation took ourselves off to the relatively new Ohba Leaf Restaurant. 

The new owners have clearly spent a lot of money refurbishing the space and have created a relaxed contemporary London Japanese restaurant. Informal and lacking in any prentention – just as I like things to be.

Given it was the Christmas period when stomachs are already bulging, we didn’t pig out on food, but we had a broad enough spread to be able to form an opinion.

Our dishes included Tuna Tatar with Ohba Leaf, Fire Dragon Roll, Grilled Aubergine with Miso Sauce, Prawn Tempura and Salmon Teryiaki, all washed down with hot sake and a damn fine mojito..

I’m no food critic, but I enjoy good food and like to flatter myself that I can tell my wheatsu from my chaffyu. My dining partner on the other hand is very knowledgeable about Asian food and wields a sharp tongue where dishes don’t come up to scratch.

On this occasion we both thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The ingredients were fresh and pretty much everything was tasty and pretty authentic. The only dish we didn’t really enjoy was the dragon roll. The sauce just didn’t work for us. 

A pat on the back to the staff too. They were welcoming and friendly without being too in your face.

My partner has now put Ohba Leaf on the (pretty short) local Asian tick list alongside Dotori and we’ll definitely be going back. They also do home delivery. So we’ll likely be giving that a try too.

Thanks for a nice evening Ohba Leaf.


Ohba Leaf Restaurant, 50 Topsfield Parade, Tottenham Lane, Crouch End N8 8PT (Opposite The Queens and north a bit)


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I can second this having been a few times. Also they're excellent with kids and toddlers. They have mini beginners chopsticks and will happily split a katsu for them.

Sounds good! Will check it out.

I have been quite a few times and have never had a disappointing meal.  This is now my most favourite Japanese restaurant.  The staff are all lovely and very accommodating to children.  My 9 year old loves the beginners chopsticks - we wish they sold them!  Highly recommended!


We tried to go there but it was busy therefore we tried the new Japanese restaurant on the other side of the road, Saki.

It was quite disappointing: poor sushi quality and when we were back home we realized that they didn't apply the 20% discount they claim. The receipt was made up to seem that the discount was in place but it wasn't actually. Very annoying!


Glad I noticed this review of Ohba as have just discovered i'm going there next week- yay. mmm. 

Ohba Leaf has permanently closed.

Yes, noticed that the other day. It's now a Rusty Bike Cafe. This is a small local chain of cafes run by the Thai guy who was pat owner of Ohba Leaf. He's a really nice guy. So I wish him well. 

Will have to try it. We ended up going to Cocoro on the Archway road, which we've been meaning to visit. The ramen was very good.

For local sushi takeaway, it's worth giving Sushi Heads in West Green a try. Naomi, an N15 local, also put me on to Eat Tokyo. They have two Golders Green branches. The original  North End Rd one specialises on sushi, but has a broader menu than just that. The shabu shabu just round the corner on Finchley Road also does sushi but focuses on noodles and shabu shabu. Kimura at the bottom of Muswell Hill is also a good bet for sushi to go.



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