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A final reminder - tomorrow's the day........

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Waze suggets that the problems to the West are better so far today. Red circles are the worst areas, Orange are alerts (And yes the buffoons have misspelt Harringay!).

Yes Peter, I hope this contributes to a council review of permanent reduction in through traffic on Wightman Road.  Green Lanes should be a Red Route IMHO with yellow box junctions in place.

That review has already started and the consultants will be watching what happens over the next five months very closely.


I wonder if anyone can help me? We live on Wightman Road, between Raleigh and Sydney (above the Polish Deli). We're actually moving out on April 8th, and so need to get a van in front of the house. There is a loading bay for the shops so it isn't usually a problem, but the stretch of road is now closed and controlled by traffic wardens. I have tried emailing the council to see what is best, but haven't had a reply. Any advice would be much appreciated.



Hello Emily

There are Tfl / Council workers in hi-vis jackets supervising the junctions. Have  a word with them. I'm sure they will be sympathetic. It shouldn't be difficult to have the barriers at the Turnpike Lane / Wightman junction opened for you. Indeed. a lot of traffic seems to come from that direction anyway. Good luck with the move.

Thanks - good idea!

I think we need some kind of traffic/horror update. I've just been thru Ally Pally, and Crescent Road(by the bridge) is  closed for roadworks as is Selborne, cutting off the rat run. So not only is HPR off the agenda, but Park Ave is pretty chokka too.

It seems to me that the traffic management team just hasn't done its job - surely they knew that the closure of Wightman Road would cause enormous problems and therefore they should have not given approval for ANY roadworks in the borough (apart from emergencies such as burst water mains) while the work is going on. That's management! ( and by the way the queues are already starting to form on  Tottenham Lane)

As things calm down we'd like to draw things together again so we'd ask that people use the main Wightman Closure thread please.



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