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I’ve just passed Sona Wines, the off license on Hermitage Road, and had to stop to pay my respects. For those of you who live nearby, Max the Alsatian was a familiar face. Unfortunately, Max has passed over the rainbow bridge after ten years of being a good dog. I hope his owners are doing well, and I am proud to live in a neighborhood that cares so much that they’d leave a growing memorial such as this. 

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Thank you Bee for your lovely memorial pic for Max. I live very close and got used to seeing him resting/chilling on his lounger outside the shop. What a good and quiet dog he was. I would like to take this opp to remind/ask all dog lovers like myself to check out the dogstrust.org.uk and guidedogs.org.uk websites. wOOF WOOF ))

Thanks for letting us know - I didn't know. Although he looked big and intimidating, I'm not sure he was much of a guard dog, since he would often amble over for a pat and a stroke as you passed by.

Here's his portrait, courtesy of Google Street View in February this year:

I was so, so sad to hear this. 

I've known Max since I moved here in 2013 and he became so important to me when I went through a bad period of depression and anxiety. I struggled to leave the house but missed seeing him,  so he became the reason I got out (even if it was just to give him a quick ear scratch then run home!)

Without even realising it, I began to spend longer and longer outside, and would start talking to people who also stopped to say hi to him. 

It might sound silly, but he was the catalyst to my recovery!

In recent months I'd always give him a treat when I passed, and he learned to recognise me from down the street - he'd start pacing and wagging his tail, ears up (well, one up and one down due to a previous ear infection!) looking like an excited puppy.

If I didn't have one on me, for whatever reason, he'd start prodding my pocket with his nose as if to say "They're usually in there!" 

I'm really going to miss that old boy ❤️



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