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The Future of the Hawes and Curtis Site - Cycling Cafe included

We've learned from MAA Architects and the Hadley Property group that plans are afoot for the Hawes and Curtis site.

MAA Architects said "Cycling is at the heart of our new scheme in Harringay - a cycle cafe & links to Sustrans routes".

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Thinking on this site seems to have moved on and it appears that the cycling cafe may be giving way to a health centre - mundane, but perhaps necessary given the amount of development coming our way.

See attached.


From a cyclists point of view, this is very disappointing, however needs must

Interesting to see how it's turned out now. Sadly all pavement space is gobbled up by an expanded building

Just adding to an old thread…. The Evergreen website waxes lyrical about how “responsible” Latimer, the developers, are, boasting about the shared ownership properties for sale and their role as “part of the UK’s largest provider of affordable housing”.

Rightmove is today listing a one-bed flat to rent in “The Oakwood”, which in fact appears to be the re-badged “Coriander House”, the block on the corner of Colina Road and Colina Mews, and uses illustrations from the original developers’ brochure. It’s a mere £1,800 a month. Affordable by who, I wonder?



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