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The council overpaid on a building - now labour councillors are trying to cover it up

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Joys of majority not bothering to Elect Councillors for All and Not Minorities

How can spending twice the value of a building be ever accepted. Especially as it increases Borough's Debt 

And they complain about the level of funding from central government. That's an incredible amount of tax payer's money down the drain. Think what could have been done with all that money. Who will be held accountable?

Odds on Our Ward Councillors have agreed to increase spending on it Facebook Page. That has less than 1% following amongst Rate Payers 

Bob good to see you back on the forum. I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say that we wish you a speedy recovery!

I say it again. If you have a political monopoly, ie Labour's continual administration of Haringey council year after year, decade after decade with no real threat to its position because those that vote in this borough just tick next to Labour without even thinking about then don't be surprised when Labour run Haringey keep squandering public money that WE cannot afford.    

Haringey is not fit for purpose. Send in the administrators.



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