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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I know there is a lot of appreciation for HoL but sometimes it can feels like every time Hugh or Liz post, someone comes along to moan. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but anyway, I for one find this site very useful and helpful and great at fostering a sense of community.

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Aw shucks thank you.
I too want to show the love for them both. I have lived here all of my 44 yrs and they amaze me constantly with the information they come up with that I had no clue about past, present and future they seriously rock !

I'll second that appreciation of Liz!

Someone I know found this site invaluable during the riots of 2011 both for the information and reassurance/offers of help from locals. It was probably HoL's finest moment.

Yes, quite without meaning to, we kinda became one of the main information hubs during the riots, even being used by the BBC and other media. I got quite sucked in. 

Here are a few posts where people reacted to HoL's role at the time. And this link takes you to most of the posts we ran during that August. The list runs to 8 pages.

Yep. Very useful and helpful site. Thank you.
Here here thanks to the hosts and all their hard work

If Hugh & Liz are so on the ball as to merit two such notices in recent weeks, it's obviously down to their nefarious surveillance of all our lives. Surely it's time someone took them out - not for dinner or drinks - just take the b......s out.

You know you can't keep off HOL and you love Hugh and Liz's work really. 

Jelly Jam, I do believe that was the general tenor of my comment - but why the feck do you have to embarrass an old codger by spelling it out?  [This, of course, is likely to  be double bluff.]

Well said Josephine.

It is sad that certain people seem incapable of anything other than miserable / cynical posts - but the good overwhelmingly outweighs the bad: I still tell people how HoL was entirely responsible for helping to find my 1-year old's precious toy (cloth) duck, without whom he couldn't sleep. Duck had not only been rescued from a Harringay Passage puddle, but was washed and dried before being returned to us! A joyous reunion ensued.

"miserable / cynical posts" is this exaggeration or have I missed something?



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