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TFL consulting on new cycle routes, including Tottenham-Camden via F Park

TFL have just started consultations on four new cycle routes, including:

"Between Camden and Tottenham Hale

At approximately 12km, this route would connect the town centres of Tottenham Hale, Seven Sisters and the Nag's Head, making it easier for people to make local journeys and use local services. The route would use both main roads and quieter back streets."

The map of this route shows it going along a lot of Seven Sisters road, though doesn't have any detail - presumably it will be separated cycle lanes.

The map also mentions the "Woodberry Down Boulevard  Scheme" - which I can't find on Google, though it is presumably an outcome of the Seven Sisters Road consultation.

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cycling down Seven Sisters road towards Holloway road would have to be one of the most hideous routes one could take.

That’s why it has to be a protected cycling lane - but it’s true that the road is pretty unpleasant...

I cycle that way to work by choice - it's actually fine on a bike. It's almost all bus lane, no parked cars, no direction changes at junctions. I find the supposed bike friendly quiet routes often put cyclists more in the paths of cars because the roads are narrowed by parked cars and when you hit junctions you tend to be crossing / turning from minor roads onto major ones.

The only thing I don't like is the pollution.

Agree. The horror bit is around Finsbury Park station. Once out the other side it’s fine imo - the little pinch point halfway along is an exception of course. I used to go down to Arsenal station then up Drayton Park but now I invariably go along the main drag. 

However coming eastbound is a different story - that’s an awful place to be on a bike.

The bit through Tottenham is interesting. They’re reusing the section of CS1 between 7S and Stamford Hill station, I see... personally I’d need to see a huge investment in the infrastructure before I’d use it... the bit of CS1 around 7S is a death trap.

It looks like a pretty decent route if that's what they go for (assuming there's some added infrastructure rather than the something like the shambles of CS1 around Tottenham). The routes need to follow the direct routes that people want to use rather than a succession of little roads and loads of junctions.

I occasionally ride the Quietway route that's marked on the map and it's fine outside of rush hour but during rush hour it's just a load of rat-running cars trying to squeeze past you and a variety of parked cars.

It'll be interesting to see whether some modal filtering is applied on the smaller streets and obviously there are a few one way streets that will need contraflows.



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