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TfL has just started a consultation on bus changes (closing date 9th November).

There's a small change to the 341 route in the centre, but the biggest change is a proposal to terminate the 67 bus at Dalston, rather than Aldgate.

I think there are issues with this, as the 67 serves an area which is already poorly-served by public transport, around Chestnuts park, St Anne's hospital (where there is going to be new housing, hopefully through START), and St Anne's Road.

The 67 is already not particularly frequent and was a nightmare when I was taking a buggy on it a few years ago (due to too many other buggies & overcrowding), so it would seem better to increase services not cut them back!

It might be different if a new service was being proposed, but that is not the situation at the moment it seems.

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Wow, that's clearly a terrible idea. 

I agree that this is a very useful service and I often use it for going East, as it's by far the most convenient way so make this journey from the St Ann's area. Like you, my only criticism of this route is why it seems to be so infrequent. 

Will add my opposition...

This is quite confusing.

The website describes the curtailment of the route as though it will be running only from Aldgate to Dalston in the future. https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/a543b5a7/

However the pdf map they provide looks more like the route is curtailed the other way around, ie it will run from Wood Green to Dalston & not to Aldgate any more. Which way around is it? I hope the latter if it has to be curtailed at all.  


It's Wood Green to Dalston - one of the aims of the whole project is to cut back on the number of of buses in central London.

You’ve misread the consultation. The proposal is to shorten the 67 route at the Aldgate end. There’s no proposal to reduce the frequency. 

The frequency is already poor (it needs increasing) - the problem is that shortening it to Dalston makes it even less useful.

On buses.   Haringey council have fixed the road on the wonderful broad water farm estate so the w4 will be stopping there again soon. :-)

The 67 is one of the buses I use most outside my immediate area of Crouch End (the other even more commonly used is the 236).  Frequency definitely needs to improve - the long waits and sometimes hellishly full buses can make for a very unpleasant journey.  I have to say that I have never used it beyond Spitalfields.  I think shortening the route is not a bad idea but from my point of view, at least, I'd make the cut-off point further south than Dalston.

Do the powers that be ever act on the outcome of consultations?  I get the feeling they are just legal window dressing and they carry out their original intentions regardless.  I'd love to hear of clear evidence otherwise.

On a more positive note I think the rerouting of the 341 down Farringdon Road is a good idea.  It’ll give access to Crossrail (when it opens) via Farringdon station.

Currently only the 63 serves Farringdon Road and it's not a frequent service, so yes an improvement.

I doubt too many people will lament the loss of the current 341 route alignment, the cut through from Fleet St to Holborn via New Fetter Lane.

I do!  Many people used to get on/off end of Roseberry avenue/Grays Inn Road/Chancery Lane/Holborn Circus.

We take the 341 to get to my son's frequent hospital appointments at Great Ormond St Hospital. So this small change to the route will have a big impact on us, I've completed the consultation.

The overall bus changes - shortening or scrapping some routes and reducing frequency on others - seem to sit very ill beside simultaneous TfL plans to remove the exemption from the Congestion Charge for private hire vehicles (ie minicabs and Ubers), specifically designed to make it too expensive for them to enter central London and, by implication, use "market forces" to put many of them out of business. I'm not defending cab drivers per se, but if the aim is to reduce pollution and congestion (partly at least caused by TfL's own failure to regulate Uber), then cutting bus services at the same time seems entirely counter-productive. If the aim's to get people onto public transport, surely this isn't the way to do it? Consultation on the Congestion Charge changes has closed, but it could still be mentioned if anyone's responding on the 67 and 341 changes.



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