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I noticed activity in the Taco House yesterday and an open door. So i poked my nose in to say hello and find out what's going on. 

Apparently, they're due to be open for take-away this week-end and in full-operation shortly thereafter.

I met the proprietor, and he told me that he's a Harringay local born and brought up on Conway Road. You can't get more local than that.

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Nice to have something different although I'm sure someone will say a taco is simply a Mexican kebab.

I do wonder about the health and safety of those elevated  seating booths. 

Well, I think it was noted when they were originally opening that they'd be selling 'French tacos', which have been called "a kind of marketing bait-and-switch, drawing people with the promise of a Mexican culinary icon and then selling them something completely different", so they might not be so far off (in case you weren't actually referring to this).

Good luck to them despite the (warranted) scepticism with regards to the likely authenticity of their offering. 

Where is the premises based?

This is a fast food development I am looking forward to. Rather than looking at a "French taco" as an inauthentic taco, it might be better to think of it as a contemporary product of French/North African creativity that the world has come to appreciate.

Now, as to whether a taco is a Mexican kebab ... https://theworld.org/stories/2015-05-07/thank-ottoman-empire-taco-y...

Where is it situated?

Between Hewitt & Seymour



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