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Hello everyone,

Any idea on a suitable swimming pool in the area ?



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Park Rd is near and very good - indoor and outdoor pools.




Thank you. Do you know if we pay on the spot or do we have to do it online ?

You pay on the spot. Also you could check out the new Kings Cross pond, an art installation/ swimming experience, just a few stops on the piccadilly or victoria line. You have to book tickets.
Don't go to Park Road unless you have checked that the small pool is open first. The reason is that the main pool would be too deep for a five year-old. Tottenham Green has a sloped pool so ideal for small ones but get there early in the day if you do go go avoid disappointment.

Archway Pool in McDonald Way N19 is further away but, for families, knocks the rest into a cocked hat. It has a large slide, small slide, jets, beach, waves and a lazy river. The kids love it. Enjoy your stay!
I recommend Park Rd too.
Priory park in crouch end very nice with a small paddling pool. Finsbury park not far, good play area and sprinkler. Clissold parkbiy further away (one bus ride) lovely play area and large paddling pool.
Look at YMCA harringey website for activities too.

Everywhere can get very busy in July/aug as children are on holidays. If you can get put of house straight after breakfast as things tend to be bit quieter first thing.

Thank you. I'm looking into all of these. 

What time of summer are you here?  I have children your age and know of other families on your road whom I can let know you are around for playdate.

Take note that by paddling pool people mean, just a foot or so deep. Lordship Rec, Priory Park, Clissold Park, Hampstead Heath (by gospel oak) all have these.

Proper swimming pools: Park Road, Hampstead Heath Lido are proper swimming pools. The Heath also have natural swimming ponds but not sure minimum age.

Thank you for your reply. We will be there from 24th of july to 11th of august.

If you want a warm heated outdoor lido,

London fields lido is the best, kept about 26oC so plenty of babies,kids. But again it's a bus ride to Hackney,  think 253 from manor house will take you. Might be worth the trip once. But on sunny days now expect queues by 11am


Would you like to organise a playdate for the kids ? 

We went to Park road this morning. It was brilliant. Thanks for the advice everyone !

Hampstead Heath (Parliament Hill) Lido is lovely, all 60metres of it. The shallow end is 1m deep, and there's also a kids paddling pool thing to the side. You can get the overground across to Gospel Oak from Haringey Green Lanes. 



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