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Don't know if this is bit too far out to be Haringay, but there is a report of some excavations in Station Road, Wood green of a house they think might be C17th 'The Grange' . See https://twitter.com/aocarchaeology/status/1534089748112887810

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Hi yes that's right! This is right behind my house! I went along earlier in the week to the show and tell they were holding - fascinating.

During excavations to build 6 new houses, the remains of old buildings were found - so development work was paused whilst English Heritage explored things. They have uncovered the remains of 2 'Granges' - one that they think was built in around 1860 but then demolished around 1890 and a much earlier one, like you say, from around the 17th century.

They have also unearthed pottery etc, the quality of which suggests that the owners were of some standing. The excavations are all being documented to help tell the story of Wood Green's medieval/post-medieval past.

Work on site will finish by the end of next week (unless they find more that warrants further exploration), but will continue off-site for the next year or so, apparently. 



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