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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Did anybody attend the above when it first opened in the early 60s.

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David, do you mean St Mary's in Rectory Gardens, Hornsey?

No Hugh St, Mary’s was originally by the Three Compasses it closed the boys went to the new St. Davids named after David Greggs who funded a lot of the build I believe the girls went to St. Katherine’s which in those day was in Tottenham I no St. Mary’s is now on the Rectory Gardens site and St. Katherine’s  & St. Davids rejoined together as one school on another site 

Okay - thanks. Not the first time I've got confused about that particular dance.

So, if I have understood you correctly, you're saying that what is now St Mary's in Rectory Gardens, was called St David's when it opened?


Have a look at my FB page I’ve got one site for St. Davids and there’s another set up by some bodyelse for St. Davids & St.Katherines which I think closed in 84 and became the Gregg Academy which from the pictures I’ve seen is on the old St.Marys site next to the Compasses but the lighting is not very good so not easy to tell 

I was there from 70-76. Very strange school, most of the teachers were Welsh. I remember having to do cross country runs over Ally Pally. No really fond memories. I believe it amalgamated with a girls school after I left ( typical), and then became a junior school.

Hi Tim I’d already left by the time you started there yes most of the teachers were welsh , we also did cross country running over AP. I went there when it first opened wanted to really go to Highgate Wood which was just across Crouch End Playing fields from us as we lived in Park Road but the powers that be decided that like most of the boys from St. Mary’s had to go to the then new St. Davids. Then they rejoined it with St. Katherine’s and it became St. Davids & St. Katherine’s then I think they moved it to next to the three Compasses which was the old St.marys. Secondary and the St. Mary’s junior moved on to the Rectory Gardens site . 

I'm not sure how I ended up going there as I lived in Devonshire Hill Lane, N17. I would take the W3 bus there and back over Ally Pally. The school sports field was at the base of AP, on what used to the old racecourse. Typically for a Welsh school, they made us play rugby when we weren't cross country running. As I said, no fond memories... Cheers David :)



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