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I'm looking for a Spanish tutor for one to one classes. Preferably a weekday evening (not Tuesday) or Sat mornings. I'm self-employed and my work is a bit erratic so some flexibility with days (in case I can't do a particular evening because of work) would be ideal - this is why I haven't found that group classes with a fixed day work for me.



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Hi Giselle

I’ve had many Spanish classes with Yaiza Campa who is very good. She’s from Spain, so Castilian Spanish if that is what you want. She has also provided 1:1 lessons in the past and probably still does. You can contact her via this link http://www.spanish-lessons-haringey.co.uk

Good luck!


I can also recommend Yaiza Campa. She really is an excellent tutor.

Thanks. Will contact her. 



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