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Has anyone got a solution to the urban fox problem and the small green recyclable food bins?

I have tried everything - apart from drilling a hole in them and padlocking them the foxes get into them all the time and leave mess and poo everywhere. Yes the locks are on but the foxes are still getting around them. 

I have asked for a taller green bin from Veolia (we are a house with 6 flats) but they refuse to supply one even though I have seen several further up the street.

Simple solutions - anyone?

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I don't think a taller bin will work. 

Try putting a heavy brick on top of the bin.

Thankyou - fingers crossed it works. 

Now to convince the other creatures who live in my flats to follow through on this too! (not always easy)

For anyone reading this thread Veolia Haringey have said they will be replacing the small bins with fox proof ones in the near future. 


Luggage strap? An old trouser belt?

The green bins in our road (N17) lids lock if you pull the handle right over to the front of the bin...but of course you may have another design

The foxes have got very clever and seem to be able to work round this! 

I've taken to wedging mine behind the recycling bin which, as yet, the foxes are too weak to move.

I do the same! wedge it between the bins. It works for now! 

I keep my food waste bin inside my large green recycling bin and try to remember to take it out the morning of bin collection. Ive lost about 4 bins to the waste truck doing this though!


I don't understand the problem. The small green food bins have a lock mechanism or at least mine has.  If you swing the handle back and open the lid ,put the waste in the swing the handle back over the lid and down it locks the bin so it wont open.

Try telling that to the foxes - they appear to be able to get past this - I don't know how but they do. 

However, it could be that the other mammals in the six flats that use the bins are incapable of working this out but life's too short to nag people perpetually. 

The brick solution appears to have worked, though, so all's well. 

The foxes, sometimes working two at a time, have figured out how to undo that. I tried a cord to secure it but they gnawed through that. Sometimes wedging it by the other bins or a brick on top works but not always, particularly if you have something like chicken bones in there.

I've given up using mine annoyingly. Too often having to pick up manky food from the floor after they've opened it.

I am writiting this at 4.30 am. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it. 

I had gaffer taped the lids down - turned them to the wall and locked them with a brick on top.

One fox simply pulled the handle with its teeth until the brick and box fell over and snipped throught the gaffer tape. 

At least the brick alerte me to what was going on.

They are very clever animals...



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