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Worried: Katy Mendes is concerned that her daughter Holly will not get a place at South
Harringay School (Picture © Evening Standard)


The Evening Standard carried a story today about the fears of London's parents about a shortfall in primary school places.

More than 7,000 extra primary school places are being created in London this year but experts admit there is an “enormous challenge” to find enough space for all the children needing places.

Included in the article is the picture above and the following:

Katy Mendes, pictured above, who lives less than 100 metres from her first-choice school, South Harringay Junior, is worried her three-year-old daughter Holly will not get a place because the school is so heavily over-subscribed.

“I can’t remember being this nervous for a very long time,” she said. “I’m having sleepless nights. There’s a significant shortage of school places in inner-city London — the demand for good schools is so high.”


Full article on the Evening Standard website.


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As you will see from the conversation above - I am not in the catchment of ANY school.  My son is not 5 until January so by law he doesn't have to go to school for another term.  The school where I have been offered a place is still looking for places for siblings, which means we are unfairly getting a place which we don't even want!  You say it would be worse to have no place at all, but surely if I give up my place at Tiverton to a sibling that wants that place, doesn't the local authority have to find me a place before January?  It's all so confusing and apparently random.  It's not our fault we're not in the catchment area for any school.  Your advice woulod be much appreciated.....

We are thinking about buying a bigger house which will be on the edge of the catchment for South Harringay. Does anyone have any experiences to share about where their children have ended up if they haven't been in the catchment for e.g. South or North Harringay schools? Also any advice for home buyers (other than get as close to the school as possible?) Thanks!

Well as I'm sure you've already gathered the catchment area isn't fixed. In the year I applied for my son (now in Year 2) it went down to a record distance of just 0.19 miles. If you live to the north of S Harringay, you may be offered a place at either N Harringay or Chestnuts but if like us you live south of the catchment area, you will get offered a place at the nearest under subscribed school which could be anywhere pretty much. We got offered Tiverton a mile and a half round trip by car which was a nightmare. Feel free to message me direct if I can give you further help on the subject....
Thanks for the advice, it seems like moving closer is the best option. What a nightmare it is living on the edge...
Occasionally they have bulge classes which means that in some years they have an intake of three classes of 30 instead of two, so 90 places instead of 60. I think it's worth giving school admissions a call to ask if there might be more places in the year you intend to apply in.



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