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I’ve heard multiple sirens and lots of honking, does anyone know what is happening?

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Arsenal beat the Spurs?


It ain't that. The new KFC is open!

That secret mix of herbs and spices always provokes a frenzy

I wish they would Michael, sadly they took the flavourings out of the batter years ago. Just flour water and salt now, usually washed over with chilli sauce. A mere shadow of the old KFC.

It can't be the Arsenal/Spurs game as that didn't kick off till 4.30pm yesterday and the OP posted at 3.45pm. Could it the high road dealers got new and improved stock in?

Pretty sure that was to do with the queues for petrol at Sainsburys. Passed by on the bus yesterday and it was chaos and I saw a police car at the petrol station bit. 

Trying to watch a film in Crouch End yesterday set in ye olde England (The Green Knight), while motorists banged on their horns outside trying to get past people queuing at the petrol station opposite was a teensy bit of an atmosphere killer. 

I was there too Liz but a different film accompanied by intermittent car and bus horns.



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