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Some say that the UK population has poor habits with regards to mask wearing.

Perhaps, given the appalling confusion in Government advice on this issue, it's not surprising.

Now the Government has decided that people should wear a mask in enclosed spaces.

In case, for some strange reason, your faith in government advice has worn rather thin, I'm attaching two pieces on this issue to help you make up your own mind: one from the Lancet and one from Science journal.

Here is part of the conclusion:

This study supports universal face mask use, because masks were equally effective in both health­care and community settings when adjusted for type of mask use.

Growing evidence for presymptom­atic and asymptomatic transmission of SARS­CoV­2 further supports universal face mask use and distancing.

In regions with a high incidence of COVID­19, universal face mask use combined with physical distancing could reduce the rate of infection (flatten the curve), even with modestly effective masks.

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I haven't worn one. Not sure I will anytime soon. 

I'm interested in your reasons... 

Check his handle/pseudomyn


Personally I think you should wear a mask when in closed places, shops etc. A face covering (or even a surgical mask) doesn't stop you becoming infected, but does reduce chances of you spreading to others. So I feel it comes down to a respect for others.

I used to live in Hong Kong, even if you just had a cold, you wore a mask to try and reduce the chances of passing it on to other people. I was also in Japan around the time the lockdown hit here, just about everyone wore masks.

I guess it comes down to the way I can protect myself is to wash my hands. The way I can try and protect others if I'm unknowingly infected is to wear a mask (and hopefully others do the same to help protect me).

I agree. That's what I do. If there's even a chance it may help others, or me and mine, surely it's a no-brainer that we all should do it.

Attended North Middlesex Hospital on Monday Afternoon for Blood Test and Diabetic Check

Was given a mask. Hospital was really bombed out with staff. Majority was not wearing masks

But was given to visitors

I have COPD and find it hard to breath with any mask. As have brought several different ones

I have read that the medical grade one with valves are the best, which I have not tried to date  

Yes really think currently we should wear masks and gloves in confined spaces ...shops etc where the 'foot fall' is high. Seems quite a few have let go and its 'business as usual' ...I can understand people are fed up but if we want to prevent another 'spike' we need to take heed for now...so I will keep it up until such time the scientists tell us not to! 

Face masks indoors where it is not possible to socially distance is a good idea. I don't get the gloves. They are not exactly environmentally friendly and what is wrong with hand sanitizers and handwashing?

This link gives a great overview of the different scientific views https://www.sciencemediacentre.org/expert-reaction-to-mandatory-fac...   It’s a great website for getting high quality and different commentaries on new scientific papers or political decisions. 

Good link. Thank you.



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