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I went for a walk Tuesday as my daily exercise.

Whilst walking, I filmed central London in lockdown. It was so odd seeing London so empty and quiet. And although it's in shutdown right now, it won't be forever and I'll be ready for it once it's open again for business.

The film can be found by clicking this link -   youtu.be/rfO4Tk1UWvk.

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It’s beautiful! Enjoyed it very much. Eerie and peaceful.

Great film but is this where you work then?  Otherwise it's not exactly local exercise. 

I thought we were supposed to exercise close to home, so Finsbury Park or at a push Ally Pally from Green Lanes?

Hi Esther

I believe the instruction to exercise locally is to avoid unnecessary travel?  My husband works in a central London A&E and so i got a lift in with him (he's driving to avoid the underground)  and walked home. I was never in contact with anyone at any time.

This was a one off so not something I will be doing again.

In fact my usual run/walk through Finsbury park seems to put me at a higher risk as people seem to not be following the 2m rule at all times. 

Thank you, Jo Pinate, for a beautiful film with moving music.

Beautiful film - thanks for sharing! 

Lovely clip.... found it very moving.... thank you for posting it.

I went for. Bike ride last week round central London. Yes it was surreal to see everywhere deserted. Including Leicester Square, covert garden, Oxford Circus, bank etc. Tbh, ifibd it really comforting, working as a nurse, I was so happy to see people were doing as they should 

ps beautiful film



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