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Was the original topic title really that different to 'Skate Attack Turnpike Lane'?

Anti-gambling ad, Barbara said. They were still packing up when I got back from work at midnight.

Hopefully it brings in a decent lump sum that offsets some of the lost revenue because of Covid.

Meanwhile, there's about 10 bookmakers situated on green lanes....

And a new one coming soon


The vacant spot beside the old post office. Which was previously a betting shop and has sat empty for years. The old William Hill a couple of doors down also had a notice on the door re a new gambling licence application recently. So the junction of Warham/St Ann’s road will basically have a betting shop on 3/4 corners. 

There are no pending applications on the Haringey licensing page and no new licences have been issued for Harringay.

It could be that under the current circumretances things aren't up-to-date, but I suspect not.

The Admiral application notes that the shop front is for a betting shop but the licensing authority haven’t had an application for a new AGC. Maybe working on the assumption that it’ll be straightforward as it was formerly Betfred.

The previous use is relevant to planning. But the new occupants will need a completely new licence which is awarded, or withheld, on different criteria.

Is it an application for an AGC or a betting shop?

Says the application is for signage for Admiral who operate AGCs

I was mistaken in my last reply.

In actual fact, Adult Gaming Centres (AGC) are a planning use class in their own right. So, as far as planning is concerned, there needs to be a planning application to allow the premises to be used as an AGC.

The notice of application you saw, may have been for the planning application.

Luxury Leisure, T/A Admiral have employed Litchfield's as planning consultants Here's an excerpt form the application.

..the property has been marketed from 2016. The planning history confirms that permission was obtained for a Yoga studio but this was never implemented and the unit remains fitted out currently as a Betfred LBO.

An interest was received from a private individual regarding an A3/A5 restaurant use, however this did not progress beyond the initial enquiry stage.

This property has therefore been vacant since 2016 i.e. circa 4 years. It’s occupation by Luxury Leisure would therefore bring this property back into use.

Their line of argument is clear.

No doubt Ian Sygrave, who is the LCSP, will oppose the approval of the application.

This application in the window of the premises was shared and discussed on the forum back in June, in this thread: https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/the-old-post-office-an...



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