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Thanks to John Mc for the heads up that the Shelton Hotel is for sale. Even if we assume that the freehold for the garage behind it comes with the hotel, does that £7.5M figure stack up, (I ask in all ignorance)? PS: What occasioned the comment was a new picture I added of the building its former guise as the Railway Hotel / Public House.

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I was just talking about this with someone the other day, that whole strip is crying out for development... turn the dodgy Shelton into a gastropub and boutique hotel. Get some of the little shopfronts back open on Wightman Rd as second hand boutiques, record shops and coffee shops. It’s only 10 mins from Kings Cross. It could be amazing.

What we will get is a cheap, boxy “luxury flats” development for people from Singapore to not live in. 

Apparently the garage is entirely separate and nothing to do with the hotel so it wouldn't be included

i think the price is inflated, they're just testing the market

i agree that corner could sustain a going concern if run properly

It's back on the market again. So no one was tempted?

There are 33 bedrooms??? That's staggering.  If you charged a conservative £50 per night and had full occupancy all year round that would yield an income before taxes/outgoings of £600,000+

'George', the bespoke tailor, might buy the whole block as extension to his business. I'm sure he could afford it by now. It would at least remove the garage's free parking from the footpath.



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