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We are thinking of moving to Harringay (the ladder near Fins Park) or Stroud Green. This is based on a bit of wandering and having been priced out of East London.

Schools are a key requirement so can anyone recommend good primary schools that are friendly/creative that are near Finsbury Park?

As a more general question, where are nice pockets for families/kids to grow up? ive hear such different things about Harringay versus SGreen (some claiming the former is quite hectic while others say its good and vibrant). We have a  toddler so are up for a safe friendly 'hood and a few nice playgrounds/cafes etc. My partner also runs lots and I swim lots. Oh and Im a printmaker so any art organisations or facilities would be good.

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Fairland (between Fairfax and Falkland Rds, adjacent to Wightman), Chestnuts (off St Anns Rd), Finsbury, Stationers (not so handy but a nice one), Ducketts Common.
We've lived in both stroud green and harringay and while we don't have kids have definitely found more of a community here in harringay. I run a lot and from both here and SG you can do a great mostly off road route for quite a fair few miles around ally pally, parkland walk and fins park with highgate and queens wood, and the heath to throw in some interesting loops. Defo one of the things that keeps me here.



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